Fletcher Conlon

Fletcher is a computer graphic artist. He is responsible for creating the extraordinary Dunham studios digital backdrops, detailed info-rails and custom control panels. As a painter and model maker as well as a graphic artist, Fletcher’s mold-making skills have revolutionized the way Dunham Studios deals with walls, bridges and building parts in particular, his o-scale bridges have given Dunham Studios toy layouts a bright and distinctive look. Fletcher, customizes individual train cars and engines as well as trouble-shooting mechanical problems. He has, in addition worked as Clarke’s lighting assistant for a variety of theater productions.

Delia Bowstead

Delia created the fantastic scale models (over 6’ across) of Cincinnati Union Terminal And Crosley field, and the wonderfully detailed historical buildings on the North Creek Depot Museum layout among others. Delia first learned model making from her architect father, John Bowstead. Since working with Dunham Studios she has become one of the most accomplished layout artists in the US, and one of very few women working in a field that has traditionally been a “guy thing" , except here at Dunham Studios. Delia is married to custom furniture designer, John Schulz and is his partner in Schulz & Bowstead.

Roy Baker

Roy is a skilled photographer, sculptor and model maker. He has worked on many Dunham Studios projects including the Stations, Altoona and Williamsburg and North Creek Depot Museum as a sculptor, painter or model maker, creating among other effects the gorge in the winter scene on the Station. He has also assisted Clarke on projections for theater projects in New York at Lincoln Center and the 92nd Street.

Dawn Brazee

Dawn is our model maker and painter. She has worked on the display end of theme parks and as a commercial artist. At Dunham Studios she has specialized in creating scratch built buildings from photographic research. These are prominently displayed on the Cincinnati, Altoona and Tennessee layouts as well as the North Creek Depot Museum layout and numerous private displays. She is most proud of her model of Chicago’s famous Wrigley building in the city of Chicago created for a client in the Midwest.

John Doty

John is our main electrician. He handles all the wiring for the trains as well as building lights and animations. He also helps with layout installations and displays in various occasions/events. John himself is a model railroader and is a member of Upstate Model Railroaders.

Mike Burke

Mike assists with wiring as well as troubleshooting layouts. He also involves with installations and displays in various occasions. He is also part of the Upstate Model Railroaders.

Bob Balogh

Bob is our carpenter. In his other life, he builds houses. Bob has been with Dunham Studios for over 15 years. He plays an important role in constructing frames and foundation structures of our layouts.

Ray Wood

Ray is also one of our main carpenters. Besides working with Dunhams on train layouts, Ray also builds houses. He is in charge of constructing foundation frames of our layouts.